July 16, 2010

Clinical Trial for Advanced Gastric Cancer Now Enrolling Patients

By Anonymous User

Gastric cancer forms in the tissues and lining of the stomach. Current treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The current standard of care for metastatic gastric cancer is systemic therapy. Research is ongoing to determine which therapy or combination of therapies produces the best outcome while still being tolerable for the patient. Several small studies have indicated that some Stage IV gastric cancer patients may benefit from an aggressive approach including surgery and chemotherapy.

Researchers are now enrolling patients with metastatic gastric cancer to further evaluate the role of aggressive surgery plus chemotherapy in this group of patients. Patients will be randomized to undergo treatment with chemotherapy alone versus gastrectomy and metastasectomy followed by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy in both arms of the study will include 5-FU, leucovorin, oxaliplatin, and irinotecan, also known as the FOLFOXIRI regimen. Eligibility requirements for this study include measureable disease as well as no prior treatment with FOLFOXFIRI.

Additional information about this study is available from the National Cancer Institute at http://bethesdatrials.cancer.gov/clinical-research/faq.aspx?ProtocolID=NCI-09-C-0189.

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