Barrett’s Esophagus

Posted by rubygem17 @rubygem17, May 26, 2021

Hello I was recently diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus following my GI endoscopy. I never heard of it before so this was something totally shocking to hear. For years I’ve had problems with IBS-D along with diverticula/diverticulitis along with inflamed duodenum. I was given a list of goods to avoid. Being diagnosed, i began to think of the past few months & the trouble I’ve been having swallowing at times & even choking a few times. I mentioned this to my GASTRO doctor but was told it’s not related. I only had a mild case of GERD. But the good news is that it’s not Cancer. Upon reading on BE it does state that it’s a precancerous condition but the doctor says it can be controlled.
Does anyone in this group experience these symptoms as well? Any suggestions that anyone can offer would be appreciated.

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