Burning tongue, throat lozenges with menthol and GERD

Posted by keinva @keinva, Oct 5 6:55am

My GERD was diagnosed because I had burning tongue syndrome 4-5 months ago, and I have almost all the symptoms of GERD now and take prescription PPI, it had been awful. To relive the tongue i use many throat lozenges with menthol, like several a day. This week I finally has my upper endoscope with a healthy esophagus and valve. The doctor is puzzled. I just read that menthol can numb and relax the valve (lower esophagus sphincter). Has anyone ever experience this? Am I missing anything else? Thanks

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While I have not specifically avoided menthol, it would not surprise me that menthol relaxes the LES. I do have to avoid peppermint and spearmint, chocolate, coffee, alcohol and spicy food.

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