Diagnosed with IBS when I was 25. My doct couldn't treat my [...]

Posted by jennytt @jennytt, Oct 16, 2016

Diagnosed with IBS when I was 25. My doct couldn’t treat my symptoms, which fortunately only occurred a few times a year. For 4 years I tried treating myself– with only small success. I finally sought professional treatment after suffering daily symptoms when I changed jobs and was in a vERY stressful situation. Apparently the increased stress I was experiencing was making a big impact on my intestines. I was put on a mild antidepressant and a stool softener, both helped very quickly. The only problems I still encounter happen when I leat too much dairy. I also found that I can’t take the antispasmodics with the antidepressant so I’m still searching for help with abdominal cramps. Still trying to deal with stress. anyone else have there symptoms increase when they were stressed?

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Thanks jenny– I too have IBS. I was just diagnosed a couple of years ago in my 30s. I have definitely noticed that times of more intense stress affect my symptoms.


Great topic- thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your responses. Great resource here in this group– helpful to read everyone’s posts.

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