Diet to heal GERD?

Posted by Basil @basil, Sep 22, 2017

Has anyone had success with dietary changes to ease or reverse GERD. I am looking for other approaches as I have heard about some downsides of long term PPI use.

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I also know that PPI,S CAN BE DANGEROUS long term. Thete are alyetnayive methods with natiral doctors
But they don't take insurance. It can get very expensive I tried once. Some things I couldn't tolerate like ginger root.
So I gave up and went back to traditional
Medicine. All they can offer are meds that seem to have side affects. At least for me. I'm experiencing some new symptoms now..Serms to be related to GERD. It takes a month or longer to get an apt. With G.I. DOC. Have you experienced this? I hope you can get some relief soon. Keep our eye open for alternative choices that work. Even traditional medicine that actually works
Take care.,😊

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