Excessive burping and head rocky

Posted by martystafford @martystafford, Dec 29, 2022

Hey just wondering if anyone has excessive burping throughout the day and more of a rocky head swaying imbalance that raises the anxiety levels. Those 2 are the primary symptoms and I don't get chest pain often, it's actual kinda low or rare for it to pop up. I was told I have GERD. Any help?

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Yes, I get excessive burping at times. It causes swallowing difficulties for me.
I was put on Sulcrafate and Pantoprazole.
I'm not using the Pantoprazole, but found Gut Health remedies.
It's very stressful and I just want to heal and be able to eat regular again


I have now been on maximum strength pepcid ac and it does not seem to help. I am awake every night and have lost a lot of weight. The doctor wants to put me on panteprazole but read that the side effects can make you anxious and depressed. I am already on the verge of having panic attack so I am afraid to start the panteprazole. Any advice?

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