Gastroparesis with neuromuscular issues

Posted by lulu7 @lulu7, Oct 26, 2021

For the past year I've had several tests done for neuromuscular disease and they all come back with only slight abnormalities. My neurologist thought it was Myasthenia gravis and put me on Mestinon which helped in so many ways. Then, because of my severe digestive issues she sent me back to GI dr. for a gastric emptying study which confirmed I have gastroparesis so now they are sending me for further autonomic testing at Univ. Of Michigan. The gastroparesis is getting worse (only able to tolerate yogurt, nutrition shakes, ice cream, etc.). Just wondering if any one else is dealing with the same neuromuscular and motility issues along with the gastroparesis and if you have gone for autonomic testing. I feel like the gastroparesis is secondary to another disease (MS, Parkinson's or ALS).

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I have gastroparesis for over 20 years. Doctors think I have myasthenia gravis. Have CT Friday and neurologist appointment this month. Pretty sure I do have it and making gastroparesis worse. I hope you are feeling better. I wish I could.


My Gastroenterologist referred me Mayo Motility Gastroenterologist in Scottsdale. My appointment is June 20. I hope they fix me. I am so tired.

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