Gerd flareups

Posted by kerri @kerri, Feb 7 2:41pm

I have had gerd for 2 yrs. Basically mild and my main symptoms was globus and chest pressure. Symptoms began to get worse and I am now in my 3rd week.
Before the flareup.i was on famotidine for 15 weeks. Started Nexium 3 weeks ago 20 mg and by the 3rd day had upped to 40 mg a day. Symptoms bot under control so now added 40 mg in the evening. So been on nexium for 3 weeks and 2 weeks at 80 mg a day. Still having symptoms but gradually getting better. Now I'll have a pretty good day for 2 days and then a ad day. Keeping a food journal but at this time eating veggies and pears.,.oatmeal, etc. Pretty bland.
Is this normal in a gerd flareup? I am one month out from my Dr appointment. Can't get in any sooner.

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