GERD follow up

Posted by GIModerator @gimoderator, Aug 2, 2014

Hi- I wanted to share the experience of another member of our community that illustres the importance of proper follow up of GERD:
“my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer in April. He had 3 chemo sessions and about 13 radiation treatments on a huge tumor on his leg.
This was all diagnosed after a fractured femur on Super Bowl Sunday. There was no sign of cancer when they put a titanium rod in. All of a sudden, in April he starts having leg pain. In 5 weeks of xray, he has a tumor the size of a football. The doctor says that the leg is not likely the primary source because the type of cancer he has, usually originates elsewhere. So he had Barretts Esophagus that had turned to cancer.
I guess I’m telling all this to warn people that have chronic acid reflux, to get checked up, and follow up!”
Good luck to you and to everyone dealing with this terrible disease. Prayers to you all!

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