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Posted by momszoo @momszoo, Oct 20, 2020

Hi, I just found out that I have gastroparesis and am looking for active support groups to join. It came out of nowhere. Well actually all year I haven't felt right. I had to televisits with the GI doc and 3 in person visits with my pc. They did blood tests for food allergies, those were fine. They told me to cut out gluten and that made me feel a bit better but then two and a half months ago I started to eat a lot less. Finally I started keeping track last month of what I was eating (protien shakes, cottage cheese with pears and eggs). They finally tried an endoscopy after I had fasted for 18 hours but couldn't because my stomach was so full of food. Also, I suffer from chronic constipation and have since my hysterectomy 17 years ago . They put me on Linzess but my stomach is still full by 4 pm every day. I can take in up to 800 cal a day but that's it. I have the weight to lose and will for a while but it's 3 and 4 pounds a week. I try to remember to take vitamins but am not so great at it. Oh, and all year I have been loosing my hair, thankfully I have a ton of it so only I know the difference. Can anyone direct me to support groups or any kind of help. I'm only 54 and can't think of being able to live as long as I had thought I might.That's the one thing that makes me sad , is not knowing all of the grandchildren I may have and leaving my kids. I understand nothing is for sure and with the extra 100 pounds I had in the back of my mind something may happen . Anyway, I need help dealing with new way of life and any help would be welcome. Thanks

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I am trying to figure it out myself. I am awaiting my tests to rule things out. Mine is stemming from opioids pain meds from a pain center and type 2 diabetes. Aim scared because for months I have been starving, suffering from severe nausea. At times it felt I was having a heart attack. I cry every day and really really want a taco but I know i would suffer tremendously. I've lost close to 80 pounds in several months, and I'm tired of soft baby food. I wonder how many others have this and are undiagnosed and are suffering.

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