hi i am john I have crohns or ulcerative colitis ,doc isn't [...]

Posted by john @johnenman, Sep 29, 2014

hi i am john I have crohns or ulcerative colitis ,doc isn’t sure which , started in feb, of this year ,I am 56 yrs young , suffer from mouth sores , cramps, diarrhea , , red blood coming out with my stools , was on predisone and sulphar salazine , that stuff was worse than my disease,omeprazole seems to calm my gut which helps out with other smyptoms , I have contacted a natural path , and hope any out there can help me , thanks je3

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Hi @johnenman, thanks for your post. I am one of the moderators here. I will message the other members of the site to see if others can share their experience with you.


@john There are lots of meds that can be used to control the symptoms; prednisone and sala usually works pretty well but there are other options. Have you tried modifying your diet yet? When do you see the NaturalPath; would love to hear what they recommend.

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