Hoping someone has had similar symptoms and can help with diagnosis

Posted by midmichigan89 @midmichigan89, Nov 26, 2017

I have had spasms in the center of my chest right at the bottom of my breastbone for years. Also feels like a vice grip is pinching the area. The spasms are always there. Sometimes mild, sometimes so severe that I feel as though I’m having a heart attack. They do raise my blood pressure, however cardiac issues were ruled out at one of my ER visits. I was told I have high pressure in my lower esophageal sphincter, but I don’t have any issues with food getting stuck. Could this not be the sphincter issue causing constant spasms, and maybe pancreas issue? Any thoughts appreciated!
I take Prilosec morning and night, and Ativan to slow the spasms. Nitro when nothing else works, and to avoid the ER… 馃檨

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