Experience with Fistulas

Posted by KJ @kris10brook, Aug 26, 2015

I had surgery back in February to repair 3 fistulas. I have Crohn’s disease. I had 2 fistulas connected to my uterus (enterovaginal) and one that connected two parts of my small intestine. I still have air, at times, that passes out of my vagina, but haven’t had any discharge since the surgery repaIr. Is it normal for air to still pass through my vagina this far out from surgery? Has anyone else experienced or gone through this??

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It sounds like these symptoms would be appropriate to call and speak with your physician about. How are you doing otherwise?


I agree be persistent with your doctors. I had a patient who had a fistula that was inoperable. He suffered for months (including having fecal matter come out his penis) before his doctors removed his colon. He found relief with a suppository that I would be happy to share information with you about privately.


Have your symptoms improved now that you are a ways out from surgery?

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