Proctitis - what is this diagnosis and how do I proceed?

Posted by laserveuse55 @laserveuse55, Feb 24, 2021

Hi, I was diagnosed yesterday with ulcarative proctitis. So far today I have been searching online for information, anything to help me figure out what this is. I'm still a little stunned at the memory of having woken from my anesthetic yesterday to my doctor giving me a brochure saying ' there is no cure'. She gave me a perscription for a mesalamine suppository (Salofalk) and sent me on my way.
I've set up online appointments with a naturopath and dietician and considering Chinese herbal therapy. I usually live a very active life but need to have a handle and game plan put together before I can get back to my regular life.
Does anyone have anything that has helped them on their proctitus journey that they can share?

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