shortness of breath/GERD/air travel?

Posted by dmg @dmg, Apr 26 6:56pm

Hello! Have any of you had shortness of breath with GERD and done international air travel during this time ? Did flying cause you difficulties?

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I was diagnosed with GERD about 7 years ago and am mostly managed with diet, eating schedule (no food and only water at after 6 pm), probiotics and avoiding trigger foods, propping up bed, etc. I also fly internationally every few years. I do not have heartburn often and not typically chest pains but always wake up with the awareness that stomach acid has been in my throat at night while I was asleep. If I deviate from this routine, I will get a case of esophagitis which takes a week or two to shake.

Now to answer your question, I do experience inflight, unexpected reflux symptoms. I’m trying to remember but I think it happens more during descent. It’s like my acid wants to stay high when my body is going lower.

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