Type 3 Achalasia

Posted by sedona @sedona, Jul 8, 2020

Just got diagnosed. My esophagus has no peristalsis and my Lower esophageal sphincter is spastic and often shut tight not allowing food to flow from esophagus to the stomach 😛🙃😱 Wondering if anyone has experience with this disease. I’m looking for ideas to deal with it non surgically ie yoga postures, feldenkrais sequences, sound/vibrational healing, vagus nerve relaxation exercises Any input would be helpful! Condition is rare and very life challenging. If I can’t heal it surgery will be needed. Because of the rareness of the problem surgeons have done very few cases which makes me very nervous 😟 input would be appreciated. Thanks Hmmmm there’s not even a group for the issue 🙃😟😳😉

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