August 25, 2015

Patients Rising, Launched to Fight for Access to Vital Therapies and Services for Patients with Life-Threatening Diseases

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Patient advocacy veterans Jonathan and Terry Wilcox today announced the launch of a new not-for-profit organization, Patients Rising. This patient advocacy organization will educate, advocate and communicate the importance of access to vital therapies and services for patients who face life-changing and life-threatening diseases. The organization will be focused on ensuring that the patients’ voice is heard, access to new therapies is paramount, and the pipeline of progress is not threatened.

“We are launching Patients Rising to meet the growing needs of patients today who are challenged by barriers to new, life-changing diagnostics and therapeutics”

The organization will be led by Terry Wilcox, former Executive Director of Vital Options International, and Jonathan Wilcox, who has served as a government official, legislative advocate and communications professor at the University of Southern California. Recently, Jonathan authored several commentaries in major publications about the need for removing barriers and expediting access to medications.

“We are launching Patients Rising to meet the growing needs of patients today who are challenged by barriers to new, life-changing diagnostics and therapeutics,” says Terry Wilcox, Co-founder and Executive Director of Patients Rising. “It has been just over a year since the passing of a friend and mentor who fought cancer on behalf of herself and patients worldwide. Now, I believe we can continue that mission with a sharper focus to fight for continued support for medical advances and innovation.”

“Our mission is to speak out and overcome obstacles imposed on patients by the current reimbursement system and set the record straight about the value of medical innovation and what it means to patients every day,” added Jonathan Wilcox,Patients Rising Co-founder and Policy Director.

Patients Rising stands at the crossroads between the fight for more research and the investment in time and money needed to turn that research into therapeutics that are tested, approved and made available to patients.

Jonathan Wilcox added, “We need to lower medical costs by streamlining today’s well-meaning but outdated system that is doing significant harm to the patient interest. But this will only happen if we drive a discussion based on excellence, not exaggerations. We need to stay focused on patient needs – not misinformation – now more than ever.”

Patients Rising will host workshops and webcasts at patient and medical conferences, will soon launch a website showcasing accurate economic information for patients, will maintain a social media presence to respond in real-time to day-day issues, and will continue to partner with and provide mutual support for organizations sharing similar goals on behalf of patients who may be too ill to fight for themselves.

“We welcome and appreciate your continued support,” said Terry Wilcox. “We look forward to a long and productive relationship with so many of the people we’ve worked with throughout the years.”

Source: Business Wire

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